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About Us

Purelyagro has endeavoured to deliver premium organic products at reasonable prices. We truly understand the difficulties of buying premium organic produce at the right price, without sacrificing quality. 
We operate on both a retail and wholesale basis, which allows us to reduce margins by buying in large quantities. Purelyagro works closely with small organic farmers throughout the world, in order to deliver on our price and quality promise. 
As consumers become more aware of what they put in their bodies, it is our goal to fill the gap and provide fast and easy availability to all through our extensive supply chain. We also work with a number of small UK health food shops, whereby the store clerks will attest to our quality service and customer satisfaction. If you see us in a store take a pic with the #Purelyagro for a 10% discount code on your next order. 
Whilst caring for our customers, we also believe in providing a fair and honest service to our suppliers, who rely on their crops as a primary source of well being.