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Aworoso Seed awogba. Condition is "New". Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class.

Eso Aworoso Awogba (Croton Pendoliflurous Seed).

This seed is one of the most powerful seeds. It is very good for constipation,  detoxifying, flushing your system, strong 💩 and lots more.  Do more research on it. It small but very powerful so...

Do not use for under 18

Do not use when pregnant or breast feeding

ONLY USE ONE SINGLE SEED or half, either put it inside a solid food, like fufu to swallow or eat with 7 pieces groundnut.

Use it on your off days, you will go to the toilet

Drink lots of water.

Taste good, but you will feel a little burning in your throat after swallow.  You can eat it raw like that too.

This is the best seeds to flush your system. Again ONLY use ONE in 3 weeks if you want. Do not use everyday or everyweek.

*Always consult with your doctor for advice when using dietary supplements or adding new items to your diet.  By purchasing, buyer agrees that they are 18 years or older and are sufficiently educated to use this product in a safe and responsible manner.