Purelyagro African Dried Tiger Nuts to Boost Immune System

Purelyagro Dried Tiger Nuts

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Tiger nuts

Do you experience digestive problems? Would you like to increase your body’s nutrients? If you’re looking for a natural way to boost your immune system, we’ve got something for you.

Our African Tiger nuts (earth almonds or chufa) are popularly known for their very high nutrient-rich contents. Tiger nuts are not actually nuts but the dried tubers from a plant found in Africa. They are dense in nutrition and fibre and Paleo-friendly.

They are very rich in nutrients and have even shown benefits right to reducing blood pressure.

They can be eaten as they are (or soaked if needed to soften them), or they can be made into plant milk called horchata, which is popular in Spain. We’ve sourced the best quality Tiger nuts grown in Africa to provide you with high-quality organic benefits.

They contain soluble fibres, which will be retained in the tiger nut milk even after mixing with water and straining.

Key Benefits

High in fiber
Good source of protein
Can be soaked and peeled

Can be made into a plant-based milk

Suitable for Paleo and Vegan diets

Not actually a nut
✓  Reduces Blood Sugar Level:
Boost Your Immune System

Notice; Keep in mind that these tubers are rich in fibre, so those interested in adding them to their diet should do so gradually to avoid any potential and unpleasant bloating or gas.